What is the total BCO traffic?

The total circulation is 500,000,000 Bee Coin.

Will you add new BCO brands to the market?

There is no such possibility.

Will the coin ever burn?

It is not our goal to ever burn the currency if it has low circulation.

Will it ever reach $ 1?

In order for the value of the currency to rise, it must 1. have a low total circulation of chips, 2. have several owners, 3. have demand in the market, 4. sell more than 80% of the chips, Example: Holders 10,000x50,000 BCO = 500,000,000 Bee Coin, And if we add that for each new transaction 3% will be distributed to the existing holders. Do you understand that it is very possible to reach $ 1 !!!

Will all brands ever be sold?

It depends on the demand, price, and promotion of Bee Coin.

When will it reach $ 1?

Our goal is to become very fast, in order to achieve this we will need to go through all the stages of legality, but we will also promote it in the future with advertisements.

Why is it 500,000,000 BCO only?

Our goal is to reach value to more owners and to be able to get something in their hands with value.